June 19, 2016

Should I Just Pop The Zits?

Squeezing, puncturing or popping the acne infection can damage the cell walls and do more damage than the original infection.

Acne can be made worse by:

  • Too much exposure to the sun
  • Stress
  • Scrubbing the skin too hard Suntan oil
  • Oil-based makeup
  • Hair gels and sprays
  • Menstruation

Acne is NOT caused by:

  • Chocolate or french fries
  • Sexual Activity
  • Dirt
  • Masturbation

The cause of acne is bacteria and can be offset naturally using a natural antibacterial solution of colloidal silver as a topical cleanser of the acne area and then apply tea tree oil another deep penetrating natural antibiotic.

Natural acne home remedies are healthy alternatives to pharmaceutical chemical standards.

Adult Acne

Adult Acne

Adult acne is also called acne rosacea. This adisease is characterized by some or all of the following symptoms: unsightly thick red skin on the nose and cheeks, pustules (pus-filled blisters), small red bumps and small red blood vessels visible on the skin surface.

The causes for this ailment vary, no single cause is known. Adult acne can emerge as a result of blocked hair follicles, overactive oil glands, bacteria and some other causes unknown.

Other factors known to revive adult acne conditions are stress, hot foods and alcohol consumption. Emotional and psychological stress is also seen as a factor because of the physical unsightliness.

The disease seems to go into remission and then reappears suddenly.

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